Developer Week Europe

  • 27-28 April, 2022

The recording from our Keynote presentation at Developer Week 2022 is now available to watch on-demand! Fill out the form to gain access to the recording.


Top 7 Things a Developer Shouldn't Have to Worry About | Keynote from DeveloperWeek EU 2022

Once upon a time, developers wrote software and threw it over the fence to operators, who had to worry about deploying it and keeping it running. It was a mixed blessing: they could concentrate on providing value to the business, but they also had no control over the systems on which they worked.

Now we have DevOps, and developers can, in many cases, take advantage of self-service models and get what they need when they need it. Which is great, but now they have to worry about things like network setup, or security, or finding enough hardware to set up that dev cluster.

In this talk, Stéphane Montri, Sr. Cloud Solution Architect from Mirants, will walk you through the top 7 things a developer should be able to ignore in favor of providing actual value to the business.







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