“Integrating multiple open-source components with Kubernetes in a custom manner and maintaining your own system without vendor support is very tough”

How to Choose Your Kubernetes Deployment Model, 2018

Bring Your Own Distro, Get Our Support

You’ve decided to run Kubernetes on-prem, and learned that while K8s in public cloud is easy, K8s on-prem is really hard. As leaders in open source software and Kubernetes, Mirantis understands the challenges with on-prem K8s deployments. K8s on-prem is more than just K8s, it’s an entire ecosystem. Building broad open source expertise is difficult and expensive – take it from us, we’ve done it!

A Better Way

  • Mirantis has a deep bench of experts in the K8s ecosystem
  • You deploy and operate K8s, Mirantis helps resolve issues
  • Tap into our industry-leading support backed by enterprise SLAs
  • Gain DIY benefits without the drawbacks

Scope Of Component Support

How It Works

  • Validate architecture with Mirantis Solution Architect
  • Submit self-certification tests to ensure supported configuration
  • Sign up for access to Mirantis CloudCare support portal
  • Open unlimited support tickets based on enterprise SLAs

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