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A Software-as-a-Service offering built to accelerate, automate and secure the entire software supply chain on top of Kubernetes. Ultimately improving application deployment speed, resilience, and cluster security.


DevOpsCare provides developers and operators the ability to unleash the power of Kubernetes while eliminating complexity, enabling teams and organizations to focus on accelerating their Kubernetes journey with little to no friction.

DevOpsCare provides a vendor-agnostic, centrally operated product / service that eliminates the complexity of day 2 Kubernetes. Mirantis DevOpsCare provides a robust combination of software-as-a-service and professional services built to provide full transparency of everything Kubernetes; from lifecycle monitoring to security vulnerabilities. DevOpsCare will enhance and enrich any Kubernetes cluster on any platform, anywhere.

Our Promise to you:

  1. Increased speed-to-market with your applications
  2. Secured software supply chain
  3. Automated workflows to build, deploy & monitor Kubernetes applications
  4. Proactive monitoring of cluster health and vulnerabilities
  5. Remediation of security vulnerabilities

Mirantis DevOpsCare delivers  production grade ready operations needed to increase speed-to-market for your applications, ultimately improving application resilience, cluster security and fully optimized infrastructure costs.

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