With Mirantis Kubernetes-as-a-Service, enterprises can accelerate agility by enabling developers to self-provision K8s clusters on demand rather than wait for IT Operations. App teams can even spin up clusters programmatically for dev/test. Mirantis KaaS can orchestrate both new and brownfield K8s clusters and addresses key challenges with running Kubernetes on-premises with pure open source software. Features include:

  • Distribution-agnostic K8s cluster management capabilities utilizing Cluster API and Kubespray, with self-service API and web-based UI
  • Ability to control and delegate access to K8s clusters and namespaces using existing Identity Providers with IAM integration based on Keycloak
  • Backend-agnostic Load Balancing and Storage capabilities for K8s through integration with OpenStack Octavia and Cinder APIs
  • Native integration with Istio service mesh and Harbor image registry

kaas create new cluster
Easily add Istio and/or Harbor when creating a cluster.

kaas aws openstack clusters
Provision clusters on AWS or OpenStack.

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