The Future of OpenStack: Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes

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Mirantis Cloud Platform has solved some — but not all — of the challenges of maintaining, lifecycle-managing, and updating conventional OpenStack clusters. Customers tell us, however, that the experience of working with OpenStack, while better than with old-school manual and scripted deployments, is still challenging and sometimes labor-intensive.

To that end, Mirantis has now introduced Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes, which hosts containerized OpenStack, using Kubernetes as a substrate. Traditionally fragile OpenStack components are now containerized services, managed and kept alive by Kubernetes native orchestration — with the cluster state continually re-converged to optimum by Kubernetes operators. Benefits are immediate and substantial:

  • Simple upgrade processes for every layer of the stack — bare metal host OS, Kubernetes, and OpenStack — that don’t interrupt running workloads. Continuous updates delivered by Mirantis are now easily and non-disruptively applicable, keeping your infrastructure more secure and letting you benefit from the latest features and improved performance from upstream.
  • Greater stability and reliability with reduced OpenStack complexity: Replacing complex, layered clustering technologies with native Kubernetes services, deployments, replicasets, and other objects provides much greater reliability and self-healing. Operators continually converge the cluster towards its optimal state, healing around failed services and nodes.
  • Simple OpenStack cluster scaling: Commission or decommission worker and manager nodes in minutes.
  • Radically reduced administrative overhead due to the inclusion of extensive out-of-the-box automation
  • Future-proofing through a long-term Roadmap that includes OpenStack reference architectures for NFV, Edge, and other use-cases as well as intelligent automation.

Plus, it's easy to upgrade — even non-disruptively to running VMs. Existing Mirantis Cloud Platform customers can see exactly how the process of moving to Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes works.

Original broadcast: April 22, 2021

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The Future of OpenStack: Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes