Devoxx France

  • 20-22 April 2022

Meet Mirantis at Devoxx France 20-22 April

Ways to connect and win:

  • Book a meeting and receive 1 entry for our prize drawing of a Lens skatedeck.
  • Visit stand 55 to get a demo and pick up skater socks. You’ll also be entered (again) for our prize drawing of a Lens skatedeck. (We are giving away 3!)
  • Join our session on Thursday, 21 April at 15h30 with Stephane Montri, Sr Cloud Solution Architect and Daniel Virassamy, Principle Solution Architect: Eliminate Kubernetes complexity with Lens / Eliminez la complexité de Kubernetes avec Lens.

Learn how your business can be enabled to streamline delivery of hundreds of daily deployments across thousands of apps, overcoming the complexity of Kubernetes development at enterprise scale.

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Visit Mirantis stand 55 for your Chance to Win a Lens Skatedeck.

All meetings earn 1 extra chance to win!



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