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Date: Thursday, June 27, 2019
Time: 10am PDT / 17:00 UTC

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First it was VMs, then it was containers, and now service mesh is what’s hot in cloud infrastructure. But that doesn't mean you're dealing with a clean slate. Chances are, you’re not only dealing with containers -- for which Istio was created -- but also virtual machines that are still part of your infrastructure.

In this live demo, Mirantis' cloud architect Bruce Matthews explains how to combine Istio with Virtlet to create a service-mesh-based application that uses both containers and VMs.

In other words, you get to use service mesh without leaving part of your infrastructure behind.

In this demo, you will learn:

  • How traffic management with service mesh improves application performance and stability
  • The architecture of Istio and how it works
  • What lies behind a simple service-mesh-based application you can build yourself
  • How to add a VM-based database to the container-based application using Virtlet and Istio
  • What you can do with traffic manipulation using Istio, and how to make it happen

Join us for this fast-paced, technical demo on Thursday, June 27. Can't make it on the day? Sign up anyway, and we'll send you the slides and recording.

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Bruce MathewsBruce Mathews
Sr. Solutions Architect

Bruce has been a Senior Solutions Architect in the computer industry for 40+ years, working at multiple technology companies including Mirantis, HP, Oracle, Sun Microsystems and others.

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