You've Got Kubernetes. Now You Need App-Focused Security Using Istio

Up Level your Security Game with an Enterprise-Class Service Mesh Built to Handle the Big Risks you Face.

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A single phishing email, missed patch or misconfiguration can wreak havoc or bring things to a screeching halt. Kubernetes platform providers manage security at the infrastructure, orchestration and container level, the challenge is at application services level.

Uplevel your security means adding a service mesh that can secure thousands of connections between microservice containers inside of a single cluster or multi-cluster across geos.

We'll address open source Istio's capabilities and the operational challenges it solves. We'll ask Andrew Jenkins, Aspen Mesh's CTO to share options to get the robust security and traffic management of open source Istio without taking on the deployment and management yourself.

You'll walk away with understanding of:

  • How Istio controls North-South and East-West traffic and how that relates to application-level traffic
  • How Istio secures communication between microservices
  • How to simplify operations and prevent security holes as the number of microservices in production grows
  • What is involved in hardening Istio into an enterprise-class service mesh


Nick Chase

Head of Technical Content, Mirantis

Andrew Jenkins

CTO, Aspen Mesh

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