About Mirantis Model Designer

Model Designer is a web-based application that provides a flexible yet easy-to-use way to configure a cloud environment using open source infrastructure software. Register here to request access to a private beta program that is running until the public application is made generally available in May 2019. You will be notified of your beta participation status within a few days of submitting your request. If we are unable to accommodate your request for beta access, you will be notified when Model Designer is generally available.

MCP: Flexibility with Predictability

Many commercial OpenStack distributions introduce vendor lock-in and limited options for included technology and architecture. With MCP, our GitOps-based approach to consuming open source software provides far greater flexibility while maintaining predictability and control for IT Operations teams.

DriveTrain: Infrastructure-as-Code

MCP includes a GitOps toolchain called DriveTrain that introduces an Infrastructure-as-Code model for lifecycle management of MCP clouds. Built with open source tooling like Git, Gerrit, Jenkins, Reclass, and SaltStack, DriveTrain ensures that any changes to MCP cloud models are managed just like source code. With pre-built and verified pipelines available for deployment, updates, and upgrades, MCP provides far greater automation and predictability for all phases of cloud lifecycle management.

Learn More About MCP

As you continue to explore the technology and benefits of MCP, we recommend that you take advantage of the resources available on this website. Join our live demo to learn from our open source experts, read our in-depth technical articles on our blog, and browse our industry-leading training courses and certifications for OpenStack, Kubernetes, and more. JOIN LIVE DEMO

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