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As infrastructure becomes more integrated into services for companies large and small, it also becomes more complex. This is particularly true for telcos such as AT&T, which is why the company founded the Airship project to help cleanly manage infrastructure. In this webinar, Matt McEuen of AT&T and Evgeny Li of Mirantis will explain how this open source project works to streamline deployment of tools such as OpenStack and Kubernetes, demonstrating how it works in both local development and production multinode bare metal environments.

Attendees will learn:

  • How the architecture of Airship simplifies complex deployment
  • The differences between a bare metal and virtual environment
  • How to deploy a local production environment
  • How to create and trigger a job to perform everyday tasks repeatably and reliably

Original Broadcast: April 16, 2019

Featured Presenters

Matt McEuenMatt McEuen
PMTS at AT&T and Airship Core Reviewer

Matt is a cloud engineer living in Saint Louis, Missouri. He's participated in a number of OpenStack-related efforts in the community, and integrates this work within AT&T as part of its Network Cloud platform. He has been working in the OpenStack community for about three and a half years; first in a supervisory capacity for AT&T -- onboarding, mentoring, and guiding engineers as they get involved in open development for the first time; and more recently, hands-on as an engineer and core reviewer of the OpenStack-Helm and Airship projects. He is a former PTL of OpenStack-Helm.


Evgeny LiEvgeny Li
Sr. Software Engineer at Mirantis and Airship Core Contributor

Evgeny is a Sr. Software Engineer at Mirantis and core contributor to Airship. Previously, he was a core contributor to OpenStack Fuel. He lives in California.

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