First it was virtualization. Then it was cloud. Now everyone's talking about containers and how they're going to "revolutionize" technology. But you can't be part of the revolution if you can't get the tools you need -- or if all of your resources are tied up trying to provide them for your users.

Enter Containers-as-a-Service, or CaaS.

CaaS does for containers and the clusters on which they run what IaaS did for virtual machines: it provides self-service access to resources such as Kubernetes clusters, so operators don't have to spend all their time spinning up resources, and developers don't have to wait for them. One way to get the benefits of CaaS is Mirantis Cloud Platform, which enables you to create containers on OpenStack, bare metal, and even Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Whichever side of the fence you're on, join us on Tuesday, October 17 at 9am PDT as Mirantis Sr. Director of Product Management Randy DeFauw explains:

  • What Containers-as-a-Service is and how it works
  • How CaaS can increase development velocity and decrease time to market by providing a consistent Kubernetes experience on multiple clouds
  • What operators can expect from a CaaS environment
  • What developers can expect from a CaaS environment, including the latest in serverless computing and service meshes from Mirantis Labs
  • Who benefits when developers can request their own resources
  • Process changes and benefits of a CaaS solution

Join us to learn about CaaS and how it can benefit your organization, including the new offering from Mirantis.

Original Broadcast: October 17, 2017


  • Randy DeFauw, Sr. Director Product Management, Mirantis
  • Nick Chase, Head of Content, Mirantis

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