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Edge Computing along with 5G promises to revolutionize customer experience with immersive applications that we can only imagine at this point. The edge will include PNFs, VNFs, and mobile-edge applications; requiring containers, virtual machines and bare-metal compute. But while edge computing promises numerous new revenue streams, managing and orchestrating these edge infrastructure environments is not going to be a seamless, instant process.

In this webinar, experts in NFV orchestration discuss the concerns you must address in the transition to the edge, and show how you can use available open source tools to create a single management environment for PNFs, VNFs, and mobile-edge applications.

Highlights of the webinar:

  • Transitions in the service provider industry and what they mean to you
  • The rise and promise of edge computing
  • Managing PNFs, VNFs, Container based Network Functions and more from a single environment
  • Open Q&A

Original Broadcast: October 24, 2018


  • Satish Salagame, Director of Engineering - Networking, Mirantis
  • Ilan Adler, Data Analyst, Cloudify

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