Let's face it: there are few things that keep an operator up at night more than upgrading a major piece of production infrastructure software such as OpenStack. Complicated procedures, potential customer downtime, for many it's just a nightmare waiting to happen.

It doesn't have to be that way. Mirantis Cloud Platform's DriveTrain component is built around the concept of Continuous Deployment and Continuous Integration, which means that rather than waiting 6 months for the new OpenStack release and then holding your nose while you dive in and hope for the best, you can consume infrastructure improvements as they are developed -- and more importantly, tested and hardened by Mirantis.

What's more, when you do push your upgrades, you can do it with zero customer downtime. Join us to hear Mirantis Field CTO Ryan Day explain:

  • What Mirantis DriveTrain is and how it enables CI/CD for Openstack, Kubernetes, OpenContrail, and other components
  • How DriveTrain enables zero-downtime upgrades
  • How to prevent production issues by staging deployments
  • How to make use of DriveTrain's capabilities for other infrastructure lifecycle management

The webinar will also include a demo of upgrading from OpenStack Mitaka to Ocata so you can see how it works.

Original Broadcast: October 25, 2017


  • Ryan Day, Field CTO - Platform, Mirantis
  • Nick Chase, Head of Content, Mirantis

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