You've been hearing all the talk about containers, but between the containers themselves and all of the orchestration technologies, how do you even begin to get started?

In this special 60-minute webinar, we'll give you the context you need to understand how containers, Docker and Kubernetes relate to OpenStack so you can begin to dive in. You'll learn:

  • What containers are, and how they can make your infrastructure more efficient
  • What Kubernetes is and how container orchestration helps make your applications more resilient
  • What microservices are and how they change the application landscape
  • How OpenStack and Kubernetes relate to each other

Join Mirantis Kubernetes instructor Andrew Lee as he takes you through everything you need to get started.

Original Broadcast: September 21, 2017


  • Andrew Lee, Technical Instructor, Mirantis
  • Nick Chase, Head of Content, Mirantis

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