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You can't spend more than a few minutes reading technical news without hearing something about Edge Computing -- sometimes, as with 5G, without even knowing it. But do you really need to pay attention? And if you do, what can you do about it?

Join Mirantis and Ericsson for an in-depth technical discussion of Edge Computing, why it matters and what kinds of tools you need to take advantage of it.

We'll also talk about the brand new MCP Edge, but not exclusively; join us to get a good footing on the topic itself as we discuss:

  • Edge computing and use cases, and what makes it different from general cloud computing
  • How Ericsson currently partners with Mirantis for core network infrastructure, and how the company plans to expand to Edge networks
  • The MCP Edge cloud stack and how each component fills Edge computing needs
  • Virtlet and VNFs in the Edge, and why containers haven't completely taken over yet
  • MCP Edge networking with Virtlet, and how technologies such as SR-IOV make a difference

Featured Presenters

Yves BoudreauYves Boudreau
VP of Partnerships & Ecsosystem Strategy for Edge Gravity by Ericsson

Yves Boudreau is a 20 year veteran of the Digital, Telecom and Cable TV industries. From modest beginnings of one of the first cable broadband ISPs in Canada to the fast paced technology hub of Silicon Valley, Yves joined Ericsson in 2011 as Vice President of Technical Sales Support. He is currently the VP of Partnerships and Ecosystem Strategy for Edge Gravity, Ericsson’s Edge Cloud Platform. Mr. Boudreau has worked in R&D, Systems Engineering & Business Development for companies such as Com21 Inc., ARRIS Group (Cable), Imagine Communication (Video Compression) and Verivue Inc. (CDN). He completed his undergraduate studies in Commerce @ Laurentian University and graduate studies in Information Technology Management @ Athabasca University. Yves also currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Streaming Video Alliance ( He now resides in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife Josée and 3 children.

Satish SalagameSatish Salagame
Director of Engineering - Networking, Mirantis

Satish Salagame is the Director of Engineering, Networking at Mirantis focused on OpenStack networking, Container networking, Edge, SDN and NFV solutions. Satish is a seasoned technology professional in the Networking industry with strong experience in Software Design/ Development, Solutions integration, Network Architecture, Product Management, and Engineering Management. Prior professional associations include several startups, StrataCom, Cisco Systems, Calient Networks and Infinera among others.

Original Broadcast: November 14, 2018

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