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NFV has opened up a world of possibilities, but as they say, with great power comes great responsibility. In the case of VNF onboarding, that responsibility is about making certain that VNFs will work with your particular cloud. While many vendors tout the "certifications" their VNFs hold, it's important to recognize that those certifications are against generic clouds that rarely, if ever, match real-world infrastructure. In this webinar by Mirantis and Metaswitch, you will learn about:

  • What factors would or would not be covered in a generic infrastructure test
  • Factors such as SR-IOV, NUMA and CPU-Pinning that can affect whether a VNF will perform as desired
  • How provisioning factors into the equation
  • The relationship between VNF validation and frameworks such as ONAP
  • How to create a model for validation that helps ensure the VNF is compatible with the unique aspects of your specific cloud

Original Broadcast: June 20, 2018


Paul BrittainPaul Brittain
VP Product Strategy, Metaswitch

Paul has over 30 years experience in data and telecommunications protocols, products and network design – spanning arcane details of SDLC links right up to multi-national IMS deployments and 5G SBA. As VP Product Strategy, Paul coordinates the product and technology evolution across the entire Metaswitch product portfolio. Having spent many years working closely with carriers and technology partners of every size across all markets and geographies, he has the in-depth real-world knowledge and experience necessary to help operators realize the tangible business benefits they expect from NFV and 5G evolution. His particular focus recently has been operational automation of operator networks.

Marcin BednarzMarcin Bednarz
Systems Architect, Mirantis

Marcin is the Lead NFV/SDN Systems Architect at Mirantis with over 20 years of experience in Telco Network Engineering and Systems Integration. Marcin is working closely with our top CSP accounts across the globe to deliver successful projects related to NFV, SDN, cloud networking, infrastructure design and management of Telco Clouds . His main focus at the moment is 5G, IoT and continuously delivered virtualized infrastructure.

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